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  • Work Day BBQ - May 20th 11am to 6pm - Dinners contain 2 side dishes (Baked or Green Beans/Cole Slaw or Potato Salad) Cost $10. The proceeds will benefit individuals with Developmental disabilities. De

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Mission: Meeting the holistic needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. 


The vision for the future of Horizons, Inc. is to meet the holistic needs of individuals with developmental disabilities by providing: 


The values by which this organizational vision shall be guided are as follows: 

Excellence: In service and training. All staff will be professionally trained and provide programs and services which exceed county, state, and federal requirements. 

Respect: Non-discriminatory in practices. It is the policy of Horizons, Inc. to provide services to all eligible applicants with developmental disabilities and not to discriminate based on race, age, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or disability (Horizons, Inc. Employee Handbook, 2011). 

Integrity: As a private nonprofit organization we will be open and honest in all our dealings with individuals with developmental disabilities, the community we serve, and all whom we do business. 

Caring: We will demonstrate our care and concern for those we serve and the community in all we do and say. 

Community: In providing quality living environments for individuals with developmental disabilities we will enhance the quality of their lives and strive to improve the communities in which they live and work through education, and awareness of individuals with developmental disabilities.


Horizons, Inc. Vision for Success: Is to provide holistic services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Ashland, Carroll, Coshocton, Jefferson, Harrison, Knox, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties comparable to none.