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Residential Services

Residential services allows Horizons, Inc. Staff to provide individualized services that fit the special needs of each person. Under this living alternative support services can be provided for the individual in the home of their choice with hours scheduled as needed. Horizons provides services to the individual in any of the following areas: (Contact the TCBDD to apply for residential services 330-308-7173)



*Personal income management



*Transportation to community activities, socialization, etc.


Horizons' goal is to serve all applicants who have developmental disabilities. Service is based on the availability of space in the home best suited to serve applicant's needs. Services are provided without regard to race, color, sex, religion or national orgin.

Individual Service Plan

A plan is developed for each individual with the primary goal to assist each person in developing his or her abilities to the fullest extent possible. We continually strive for the highest level of independence.

(Call for locations and further information)