Services For People With Developmental Disabilities1-800-251-5204

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  • Ohio State Hanging Plaque $10

  • Miami Heat Wall Plaque $7

  • Flower Pots

  • Handcrafted Jewelry

  • Pittsburgh Steelers Wreath

  • Set Sail

  • Easter Wreaths

  • We have Hydroponic Lettuce

  • Work Day BBQ - May 20th 11am to 6pm - Dinners contain 2 side dishes (Baked or Green Beans/Cole Slaw or Potato Salad) Cost $10. The proceeds will benefit individuals with Developmental disabilities. De

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Testimonials Taken From Passenger Satisfaction Survey's May 2014

Jeff E. says, " The service is great. If Horizons' ever does a commercial I would like to be in it."

Misty B. has used the service for 2 years and says," Why fix it if it's not broken. Very good service."


Anonymous: Been using the service for 5 years and says, "Really good drivers and dispatchers are much appreciated!"

"Grateful for services"

"Keep doing what you're doing." You always go above and beyond to keep passengers happy."

"Very helpful, even with last minute appointments." Very happy services are available."

"Awesome service. I pass information about service on to others."

Yvonne Z. has been using the service for 6 years and says, " Horizons is a great transportation service, always friendly, nice, and trying to help us as much as they can with scheduling transportation. My son and I could not make it without Horizons. Thanks to Horizons my son and I can go to the grocery store, medical appointments, sports, work, etc. Thanks to all the staff at Horizons!"

David K. has been using the services since 2010 and says, "We began using the service when my mom could no longer walk. I'm glad they travel to more places.It gives mom more freedom of going places. I'm thankful!"